Django Django, O2 Academy Brixton, 23 February 2013

After 12 months of frantic live activity, Django Django headlined the last night of the NME Awards Tour with a set that truly vindicated their status as one of the finest new bands in the UK. Django Django have cemented a truly glorious noise, revisiting elements from almost every popular musical genre of the last forty years to create something that is decisively forward-looking.

Crucially, the quartet fuses deft vocal harmonies with breezy Balearic beats and stuttering rhythms and electronics that could almost be described as prog-pop.

As always the crowd laps it up, and live staples such as Default, Waveforms and Life’s a Beach are rapturously received. The restrictive acoustics of Brixton Academy struggle with the sonic nuances, but this doesn’t really seem to bother anyone.

They perform in front of grainy, Radiohead-esque projections that help promote the ambience of an event unravelling.

According to their latest Facebook post, the Brixton gig will be their last for a while and the band are likely to begin writing sessions for their second album. Hopefully they’ll be able to match the ingenuity of the debut. It will be thrilling to observe which key pop music genres they attempt to appropriate this time.

By Miles Matthews


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