Real Fur, Servant Jazz Quarters, 25 October 2011

Tonight Real Fur are having a party. Their second single, The Fool, is released in six days, and they’re itching to get it out.

And they could hardly have picked a more intimate venue. In the basement of Dalston’s Servant Jazz Quarters a particularly well-dressed crowd of fans standing virtually nose-to-nose with the band, who couldn’t seem more relaxed about the situation.

Real Fur power through a short but captivating set that sees the audience gradually loosen up until one particularly enthusiastic group of fans is dancing like this is their all-time favourite band.

But what’s really fascinating here is how they gel. Each member plays something completely different from the next – their own unique and complex rhythm – and yet it comes together as if it’s all part of the same simultaneous thought process. They simply couldn’t be tighter.

The one glitch in the performance comes from the keyboardist who, while he plays magnificently, looks almost bored at being here. However it is soon revealed that this is the first gig he’s played with Real Fur, so we’ll put it down to nerves. Judging by the fluency of his playing so soon after joining the band, behind the cool exterior lies quite a prodigy.

In predictable, but highly desirable, fashion, they end it with The Fool. Surprisingly it doesn’t get the biggest reaction of the night, after a set that was bursting with hits, but they leave an audience who cannot wait for more.

By Sophie Armour


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