Glasvegas, Koko, 24 October 2011

You know you are part of a Glasvegas live show if you cry all your tears on over-epic rock tunes and if you manage to understand James Allan’s Scottish sense of humour.

More than just a Euphoric/// Heartbreak \\\ tour, the Glaswegian quartet left plenty of space for all those old beloved tunes. But what tunes.

Starting the show by playing the first three tracks taken from their self-titled debut in order, Flowers & Football Tops, Geraldine, It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry, Glasvegas tease the crowd straight away. Needless to say, the three tracks together create the kind of masterpiece only a truly talented band is capable of.

Offering B-side tracks like Fuck You, It’s Over and Please Come Back Home in the middle of the set, the band make clear their debut is a gem that can’t be forgotten. Yes, their sophomore Euphoric/// Heartbreak\\\ is a more mature, complex and sumptuously arranged record – as testified by tonight’s sing-along to Lots Sometimes – but there’s something in the debut that still creates an outstanding and incomparable atmosphere.

That something might be called inspiration. Rarely have we witnessed such a powerful debut which is both immediate and experienced, but tracks like Go Square Go and the grand finale Daddy’s Gone are at times too intense and emotional for some fans to cope with.

Frontman James Allan’s powerful voice is perfect and his appreciation for his public genuine. He’s not as charismatic as Chris Martin, and behind his trademark shades hides a shy Scotsman, but when he’s in the right mood the show he can offer is spectacular and magical.

He’s the guy who transformed his frustration at being abandoned by his father into a masterpiece such as Daddy’s Gone, but he is also the lead singer who can be absent-minded, lazy and problematic.

But not tonight. Tonight he delivers the performance everyone was hoping for.

Glasvegas used to be the next big thing. Today they are a band still trying to survive the merciless indie rock scene. Presumably their third album will gain them the accolades they deserve. Their crowd is loyal, the tunes are immense.

Indie rock at its best definitely comes from North.

By Silvia Rucchin


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