Shake It!, Loft Studios, 2 July 2011

Shake it is the latest night from electronic geniuses Magda, Layo and Bushwacka. Loft Studios is an amazing venue and has an outdoor courtyard and a cool indoor loft space, which overlooks Kensal Green cemetery.

The music is pumping dirty beats in the main room and carried on into the adjacent darker loft space, which is more cosy and intimate.

Shake It is serious underground throbbing electro so the crowd are slightly unhinged and rowdy, getting bumped into while trying to throw shapes on the dance floor is the norm. It is a bit hot and sweaty in the main room so the open courtyard is great to go and cool down and have a chat in.

The party goes on until the early hours but as the sun comes up at about 4am it is unforgiving to the crowd and leaving might soon be on the horizon if you don’t fancy dancing in daylight.

For the next few months Shake It is branching out to Ibiza, and it’s definitely a night to attend if you are thinking of hitting the Spanish party town. But at home or abroad, you won’t be disappointed if electro is your thing.

By Emma Holtham


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