Vintage Trouble, The Wheelbarrow, 23 April 2011

It’s all about sex. It’s true, sex is everywhere and it’s quite rare to find someone who can deal with it in a polite manner. Vintage Trouble is that someone: always sexy, kinky and a little bit malicious but never, never vulgar.

In an overcrowded Wheelbarrow the gig performed by the Los Angeles-based four piece was all about sexuality and sensuality.

The Wheelbarrow might be one of the few free venues around, it’s on Camden High Street and the gig was the Saturday before Easter, but it w still quite impressive to see so many people gathered in a medium-sized pub.

There must be a reason why this mix of blues and Motown is still appealing despite its lack of originality. Singer Ty Taylor dressed in an impeccable white shirt and black tie might look like a soul singer from the 60s but his energy and charm are well-rooted in the 21st century.

Appealing, persuasive, charismatic with an incredible voice, he warmed up the crowd with simple commandments such as ‘put your hands in the air’ and the systematic ‘say hey! Oh-oh!’

Business as usual for a frontman, you might argue, but when he introduces Totally Strangers as a ‘song about keeping sex fresh in a long-term relationship’, you understand his mission is to make his public feel good and free.

But was the gig all about getting sweaty and horny? Absolutely not. Vintage Trouble is a band (or brand) with a strong image, class and passion for the swinging 60s, and being part of the gig in the Camden boozer was a sort of surreal experience.

Vintage Trouble are a good experiment, almost a sort of juke box tribute band – which is why the gig at the Wheelbarrow could be described either as nice and funky karaoke, if you are very keen on Motown, or pure escapism if you forget  you are moving your hips in one of the busiest boroughs of London.

By Silvia Rucchin


One comment

  1. At last! Someone else mentions the Motown vibe. If you have a look at the video for Nobody Told Me it is PURE Motown.I’ve just found out about these guys via a friend of theirs and loved them so much that they’ll be th first band I’ve gone to see in a long time. And you’re right, their songs are sexy and make me feel sexy too.Some singers make your heart sing and lift your spirits but these guys are just pure sexiness!Great review.

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