Record Store Day: Rough Trade vs. 93 Feet East, 93 Ft East, 16 April 2011

Photo: Gina Morris

Rough Trade took the Record Store Day celebrations into the night with a free party at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane, featuring two rooms of live music and DJs.

The live music was miscellaneous, to say the least. Rowdy Superstar lit up the stage like a disco ball in an outfit resembling a silver Power Ranger. Along with help from his two ‘hype’ girls and Patrick Wolf, Rowdy Superstar put on a spectacle of lights, glitter and electro hip hop. If Lady Gaga and Dizzee Rascal had a child it would come out something like Rowdy.

His commanding stage presence contrasted greatly with the following act, Mazes, whose generic rock appeared to bore even the band themselves. Their lack of charisma and inability to tear their eyes away from their instruments were a real mood killer after Rowdy Superstar’s sparkly set.

The night took another musical twist with The Milk, whose soft rock with a Motown edge (or was it Jack Daniels?) drove one audience member to crash the stage. The band’s passion and harmony as musicians was obvious, however one younger audience member summed up undoubtedly what most under 25s in the audience were thinking: “They remind me of a Dad’s band”.

Keep a look out for next year’s Record Store Day. With free events across the United Kingdom and beyond, it is a fantastic way to show appreciation for the culture of independent record stores. Whilst some may argue record stores need to accept the digital revolution, hopefully there are enough of us who still get a thrill rifling through stacks of CDs and vinyls like a child on a treasure hunt to keep the industry afloat.

By Mona Tabbara


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